Affiliate Marketing Has Changed in 2020

There is an awful lot of competition these days to be an affiliate selling other people’s products. When I find a very special, value-packed product that I want to recommend to you, chances are that you are also receiving the recommendation from many others as well. So already I am vying with other marketers for your attention. (“hey, over here, look over here”).

This value-packed product seller probably has a nice funnel of oto’s lined up. And his front-end is dirt cheap (to get you in). And let’s assume that your average Tom, Dick, and Harry buyer will purchase the front-end and one upsell. And that my commission will be $8 on the front-end, and $22 on OTO1. Thirty bucks.

If I sell one a day, every day, it comes out $900/month. Hardly enough to fire my boss or pay off my mortgage, not to mention to take my wife to the Caribbeans after the Corona. To be making $5K/mo, hardly guru material, I need to be selling 6 units including the upsells, each day every day including weekends. Not easy for marketers like you and me.

To make real money through internet marketing, you’ve gotta capture the email address first before you show him your offer, and then have a solid funnel with a high-end back-end(s) in place which you present via the email follow-up series.

This is something that I have been trying to put together for myself without success over the last five years.

This book taught me how. Click here:

New Rules For Affiliate Marketing

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