Biting The Bullet

Well, I did it. I was just too affected by Omar’s webinar not to take action, and action I took. I enrolled in John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success program.

It is not just an issue of an investment of money, which I really don’t have. It’s much more than that, it’s an investment of time (which I also don’t have by the way).

I know what to expect, more or less, I was in John’s Masterclass program some seven years ago, and I am sensitive to the changes which have been going on with the internet, and internet business. I am certainly not blind.

But it would be stupid to do with this course what I have been consistently doing with my online attempts over the past 10 years, (and even what I did with the Masterclass sort of quitting in the middle). No, it requires a serious commitment.

In my interview which was part of my application, I asked the man “how many hours will this course take?” If I remember correctly, or put it this way, whatever he told me, this is what remained with me, I think he expressed himself that if a person puts in 10 hours a week, then on the average he should be fine.

My impression was, wow, 10 hours a week, that’s a commitment of 2 hours a day basically. I thought about it for a few seconds and I decided that I can and am willing to commit myself to that. Actually, during my first two weeks, I find that amount of time challenging, meaning, that for me I find it takes me much more time. But so far I am keeping up.

My main motivation for making the decision was in order to be part of a bigger group who all work together. A group of people who have found themselves connected to one central person, one hell of a nice guy they say, either as a student or as a peer, who invoke and fulfill the idea that when you combine the forces of all of the individuals, you have a force which is much greater than the force of all of them combined.

Another main point in making the decision, is that I would have, I hope, a person, or hopefully a group of people, who will help me to bring out the me in me. People who have already made it in the internet marketing niche who will guide me in order to bring out my natural talents in order to produce what I can contribute to other people’s benefit.

Wish me good luck.

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