Even A Dog Can Sell

I stumbled upon a site, actually my boss requested of me to look at the site on company time:


What I gained from the site, which is actually what my boss wanted from me, is that there are actually many ways to sell, and not every salesman necessarily fits the stereotype of the person that you would not want to be sitting across from him at a poker table.

In the same way that different types of dogs demand attention and express that there is something that they want in different ways, ranging from the pit bull on the one hand, to a golden retriever on the other. Different strokes for different folks, they say, and the same is true about dogs. Some say “give me” through hate, others say “give me” through love.

So too, people with various personalities will express their needs to their fellow in different ways, some more aggressive, some more mellow, some, like myself to a certain extent, I am somewhat allergic to making demands on my friend, so sometimes I will hint and work through a logical progression until the request comes out by itself without me actually having to say it.

So what my boss wanted from me was to see that even a coward like myself can sell, even though I don’t have any slick polished routine down pat. He wanted this both for his business, and for my own business that he helped me build.

The truth is, is that I wasted perhaps six or seven good years, and probably more than $10,000, in order to (attempt to) create an online income for myself that didn’t involve selling. Because the last thing that I wanted to be was a salesman. But my boss explained to me that no business can survive without selling. And it possible to sell in many different ways, and a person has to find a way with which he is comfortable in order to do the job that must be done.

There on the above site, he explains also that there are people who are a combination of various selling personalities. Partially this and partially that.

I gained from the site, the lesson is a fundamental lesson which must be learned, and must be applied. Everyone who wants to be successful in business has to find his way that he can sell while remaining in his comfort zone.

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