Fighting Evil With Evil?

This video flashed by my eyes, I think that I saw it on Facebook, and I want to share it with my readers, and to give a short comment. I realize that at 35M views as of this writing, perhaps you have seen it already, or heard about it:

Now, this video aroused a slew of comments there on the YouTube comments section under the video, both for and against, for: meaning that it is good content worth sharing, or against: that the experiment was wrong, caused more harm than good, and the revelation of the identities of the families was sheer idiocy.

Now, granted, as of this writing it seems that the vast majority of the commenters are people whose main tool of expression is profanity, people who don’t know how to spell, and despite a natural ideological nature to reach out with respect to anyone and everyone, still…

In my opinion, I think that the message that the video wants to convey is indeed an important one. I mean, I would have performed some of the details much differently. But as a father of children, what strikes me is not so much the message which is presented to teenage internet users, but rather the message that is meant for the parents, like me, and like you. Whether or not the star of the video or the parents of the kids scared the f#@$%n s&!@ out of the gullible victims, I think that any sober responsible parent needs to be woken up about the potential dangers that lurk out there for his children, and has to come to grips with what, if anything, he needs to do about it.

It’s 11 o’clock, do you know where your children are, right now? Nowadays this question is just as valid at 2 o’clock in the afternoon.

I would be honored if you could share with me what you think.

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