Review of The Go Giver

One of our homework assignments for John Thornhill’s course was to read the book The Go Giver: A Little Story About a Powerful Business Idea. I am happy for the assignment, I am happy that I read the book, and I feel enriched from reading it.

The book is all about the message that it wants to present, a message which is critical both for business and for life. The message is about focusing on giving.

As I wrote in a separate post, most of my adult life was spent in ideological pursuits, and much of my education was geared for what I read in this short but powerful and inspirational work.

The story line doesn’t really matter much, it is just a story line in order to bring out the “Business Idea”. Unless I am in error, but it seems to me so.

The book presents the five laws of stratospheric success. Business success. But the principles can be applied to other kinds of success in life. Marriage, social, ideological fulfillment.

I think that it is not my place to reiterate here on this blog the five laws, but suffice it to say that it redefines concepts like what is the value of a person (a function of how much he is a giver), and the level of income that he can expect (a function of how many people he serves and how well he serves them).

Like I said, I think it is inappropriate for me in this review to list the five laws, both because I do not think that I have the right, and also because without the story line which explains each principle well, and brings it down to real life, the laws would be taken out of context and therefore misunderstood.

My first reaction to this homework assignment was probably what yours is, dear reader. Sixteen bucks for a Kindle book? But my answer to you is that if you want to grow in life, in happiness, in goodness, and in wealth, this is a small and worthwhile investment.

The book is available on Amazon, here.

I found this video which goes into greater detail, uploaded by the author himself:


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