The Value of a Buyers List

I want to share a problem that I had, personally. I realize this won’t necessarily apply to every green marketer, but I share it nonetheless.

They say that a “Buyer’s List” is so much more valuable than just a list of subscribers, for all of the reasons that I probably don’t have to repeat to you.

I found, in my case, not that way.

I launched a nice product back in March 2018, it sold fair, I was satisfied, not knowing in advance what will be with my first launch if it will sell at all.

I was and still am part of the group of my dear friend and esteemed teacher John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success group, and the product was built as part of the course. This is the last time that I will mention any names in this post, it not my way to mention the name of others.

A number of powerhouse affiliates got on the launch, and these people basically sold 90% or more of all that was sold in the launch.

So now I had cash in the bank, and a “gold” Buyer’s List.

I started writing to them daily, attempting to connect up with whomever that I could strike a cord. Just an interesting thing – when it came to promotions, well, it’s like this: There is a certain pull to support the subsequent in-house launches, 1) because it’s simple consideration, they promoted for me, I can at least reciprocate.

Also because I am familiar, at least, or even friendly with the people in the group. Also in general the products are created with the same course that I took, and I have an whole lot of respect for this course and what comes out. Additionally because I saw that the products were good. I don’t promote junk.

Now, I found a strange phenomenon. Whenever I tried to do a promotion to my Buyer’s List, 9 times out of 10 these above mentioned power affiliates would also be promoting to them the same product. And my list was carved out of their lists, so they have the Earlier know-like-and-trust relationship.

And these affiliates would often provide their own ready made bonuses which were usually beyond the scope of what I could compete with. So I found myself spending the next half, three-quarters of the year trying to put together bonus pages, above average email copy, etc. etc. And the results were minimal.

“Why buy from from someone who just came in to the marketplace, (even though he’s certainly a great guy), when I can buy from someone who I have been purchasing from for years and is offering such great bonuses. Even though it is the same product, I trust Sam (let’s call him) much more than Alan, that’s for sure.

That was full time work for many months, and meanwhile I had almost no time to do anything else, and little to show for it.

Now, I realize that there is an answer, that everybody in the marketplace had to come in some time as new. And if I had been doing the Rinse and Repeat sequence of putting out more products, and feeding my list things that they need, more value for their friendship, then ultimately things would be different.

But going back to the intrinsic advantage of a buyers list as opposed to a simple subscriber list, for me, starting out, I never saw that advantage. Because the logic that they “trusted me with their money”, I am not sure that they trusted me more then they trusted the person who referred me.

Now I have simple subscriber lists which are more active and buy more than my buyer’s list.

I would be interested to hear if you ever had this experience at any time in your career. Feel free to leave a comment.


  • Sidney Head

    Reply Reply May 9, 2023

    I haven’t experienced any of that,since I started

    • Alan Abelove

      Reply Reply May 10, 2023

      What have you yes experienced, Sid?
      (I deleted your url because it goes to a 404, the site doesn’t come up.)

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