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In my work for clients I was successful at gaining a certain expertise in video editing. This is mainly the fault of one of my first big clients who hired me to market his products, but in the end got bogged down with production issues which involved to a great degree editing his videos, and so he dragged me into production. He showed me what he does, and then dumped the whole kit and kaboodle onto my desk, and left it to me to use his editing procedures or to improve upon them.

So I improved upon them :) Why use someone else’s brain when I can use my own.

I want to share with my readers all kinds of tips and tricks that I use when I edit for myself or for others. I want to show you what others are not going to show you. Others will discuss which program you must have, or the additions of the new versions, or all of the features, albeit worthwhile knowing, everything is worthwhile knowing when you hit that one in a thousand time when you need it, but still 90% you’ll never use 90% of the time.

Rather, I want to talk about brass-tacks video editing. How you actually edit, what you should be doing to clean up the raw draft.

I use Camtasia. That is what I have always used, and that is what I plan to continue using. I know, there is a lot of discussion about which is better, Camtasia, Screenflow, or the next one. But I want to share with you a point that I heard on Omar Martin’s webinar which was the inspiration for this whole blog – Your success in online whatever you are doing, is not dependent on which programs you use.

It doesn’t matter if you use WordPress or Joomla or Blogger, and it doesn’t matter if you use Camtasia or Screenflow. Take advice, make your own calculations, and do what you want. But in the end of the day, what you have to know is how to edit. And the tips and tricks that I want to show you are the same or similar no matter what movie editor you use.

I hope that you enjoy my articles, and if you have questions or constructive criticism or anything else, just leave a comment.


  • Roy Miller

    Reply Reply October 4, 2015

    Alan, I have video motion pro, but I have not yet learned how to use it. I have made simple You Tube videos and added them to my channel and blog. However, I would like to be able to add intro’s and outtro’s, as well as music to them If you could post that information, it would be helpful to me and for many other people.

    • Alan Abelove

      Reply Reply October 6, 2015

      Hi Roy, sorry for the delay in responding, I have been offline for a couple of days.

      Yes, I plan on showing you all of these kinds of things. I personally use Camtasia, but it is the fundamentals that I want to present, which are the same whatever program you use. The fundamentals and the technical strategies.

      Looking forward to working together,

      All the best,


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