With A Little Help From My Friends

In my last post I talked about the inspiration that I received from Omar Martin’s warm words, well, really I should say “hot words”, he was a bit fiery in his constructive rebuke.

The punch line, what he explained was really the main contributing factor to his being able to transform his situation from not having success to yes having success, was when he decided to not go it alone, but rather to join up with other people who can help them. Many people think that by buying products that gurus offer them they can succeed at making it happen, (wow, if he could make $100K in one month, even if I would only make 1% of that I’d be happy), but in the end it doesn’t happen, and they contribute to the 97% failure rate of those attempting to make a living online.

Omar explained that success is not really dependent on which program you use, but what it is dependent on is having someone who knows what he is doing to show you how to do it, and guide you and help you until you make it.

This means to have a good mentor, or what is even better is if under the mentor there is a whole group of people that work together and help each other out.

During my 10 years of failure I have had several mentors online and offline. With one mentor I remained for some three or four years. It didn’t cost me a lot of money. He had a group of students working together. It is from him that I learned the bulk of my technical expertise to work with html and php and css, and blog design, and many other skills. And I am very grateful to him for that. But in the end I came to the realization that all that he was preparing me for was to build nice sites for other people – client work.

And this I was not really interested in doing, I did my stint with client work and I was very dissatisfied, I found that clients have big demands, and don’t understand how much work I put into the job, and because they don’t really understand, they want the cheapest price that they can haggle out of me.

This mentor never taught me how to sell.

Then I had a well known guru who took me under his wing because I asked for it, but to make a long story short, it cost me probably over ten grand, and I got exactly what I wanted, exactly what I asked him to teach me and guide me how to build – money making sites which started out in the right direction, but then Google changed the rules of the game, and these sites are now making me about $0.50/week. That was a year and a half down the drain. The time wasted hurts me more than the money wasted.

I was with John Thornhill for a while in his Masterclass. John is the only person that I will mention by name. The Masterclass was indeed eye opening, and I learned a lot, but nothing ever came out of it because I got bogged down, stuck, and just then another shiny button raised its ugly head.

I thought often about trying to become one of John’s inner circle, but I never did, because it was not exactly the direction that I was trying to build for myself. I’ll say that again – I never did it, because it was not exactly the direction that I was trying to build for myself.

Read the words and weep.

Ten years.

But now that I had the insight to arouse inspiration from Omar’s webinar, and I grasp now that this attitude of trying to do it on my own is one of the main things that has been holding me back, not pushing me forward, I am thinking of joining John’s Partnership to Success program. Omar himself offered such a thing to sign up under his mentorship, but I feel that I know John from before, and if I am not mistaken Omar himself is an old student of John’s, albeit from amongst the best. But there’s an old adage, if you can learn from the teacher or you can learn from the student, it’s better to learn from the teacher.

We’ll see.

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